Adriana Delgado is a multimedia journalist who has published articles in film specialty publications, like Cineaction Magazine and has published film reviews in the Blogcritics.org website. Additionally to being Art Film File’s editor and main feature writer, she has interviewed independent film directors like Sean Baker, whose film Tangerine debuted successfully at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and Luis Vigas, director of the Venezuelan film From Afar, who won the prestigious Golden Lion Award at the 72nd Venice Film Festival.

Adriana founded Art Film File as a site for cinephiles who want to read fresh and original articles about independent and foreign films of every era. Readers who follow Art Film File are for the most part adverse to the “Hollywood Blockbuster” theorem (although there are many good ones out there) showing instead a strong inclination to connect with films that explore topics such as life, identity and philosophy without necessarily following a neat studio-oriented narrative.

In the past, much like it is now, many independent and foreign films struggle  with countless challenges. Small budgets, little or no outside funding and absence of willing distributors are some of the problems many American and foreign independent filmmakers face regularly. Art Film File acts as a conduit in bringing these films, past and present, to the public’s attention by including interviews with filmmakers and actors of indie and foreign films. This goes beyond trying to be another online film review page; the purpose of Art Film File is to bring topics of interest for those readers who already follow the website and for those waiting to discover it.

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